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Lake Eufaula, OK 3-29-24

Trip #1 this morning was a trip for operation freedom outdoors I had the honor of sharing my boat with a couple vets and give back to them for serving our country and huge shout out to Ten 30 Nine Fishing  for giving them two new 7’ rods. To top all that off they put a solid box of lake Eufaula fish together.

Trip #2 was Mike and Mike they hopped in the boat with me this afternoon and went to work on them and these two guys were no stranger to fishing we had lots of laughs along with the slab swinging action. Thanks to all you guys for the business and look forward to seeing y’all back out on the water soon.

Fish are right on the verge of doing their thing caught several females with eggs coming out of them water temp was 59 when I got off the water this evening and caught fish on a variety of different baits all day.

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