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Lake Eufaula, OK 3-20-2024

Updated: Mar 23

Trip #1 was Matt and his wife they managed to put together a nice mess of fish this morning using Ten 30 Nine Fishing  rods paired with a hand tie by jases jigs.

Trip#2 Fred brought his two boys Brady and Blake down to catch some lake Eufaula fish and they did just that. These two boys were a blast to have on the boat it was a competition from the word go.

Trip#3 was on Daniel Cowett boat and they just wanted a short trip this morning so daniel took them and put them on some stud lake Eufaula black crappie.

I thank all you guys for the business and hope to see all of you again on the water one of these days.

If you want a trip go to and get it booked days are filling up every day for the spring time crappie fishing but let me tell you the summer time bite is  and something you don’t want to miss out on so don’t hesitate to book a trip in late May-August.

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