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Lake Eufaula, OK 5-25-2024

What a busy day for Self Outdoor Guide Service trip#1 we had clay and his crew out bright and early putting a solid table of crappie and white bass together. We just bounced around catching fish and having lots of laughs. Very fun crew too share the boat with.

Trip#2 was John and his crew they put a full box of crappie together caching them off cover and wood in 8-14 fow all the while dodging all the pleasure boaters.

Trip #3 was Garrett Wiedaman and his buddies taking advantage of a trip his mom purchased for him for his birthday.same song and dance as far as the crappie go.

Thank you to all of my customers past,present and future. We have June dates Available so if you are interested in a trip go to and get you day booked.

Last but not least big thanks to Andrew Self for the help I couldn’t get all done without him.

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